Saturday, July 9, 2011


Welcome Baby Brogan! My boys are SO excited to finally get a boy cousin. Tyler’s sister, Bryn, and her husband, Kurt, just had a beautiful baby boy on June 17th. Before we went to go see him, we were excited to finally be a lot bigger than another baby, but unfortunately, we only have a couple of lbs. on him (at 5 months!) Ha! One day we’ll catch up!

T.K., Brogan, & Beckham

Brogan and his sister Macy

Brogan with his other sister Raegan

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  1. I feel so honored that you have a Brogan post. It's even before I have a Brogan post! Sad, what a slacker mom I am. I love the monkey hat pictures, look at Beckhams hat just sitting on top of his head, so funny!